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Scouting Report: Gachkar Brings Value As Strong Special Teamer, Depth For LB Corps

Name: Andrew Gachkar
Position: Linebacker
Height/Weight: 6-2/224
Age: 26
College: Missouri

Games Studied: New England Offense and Special Teams, Denver

Plays like he has good football intelligence. Is usually making a calls and communicating to his teammates on checks. There's a little tightness to the outside in coverage. Used on the blitz but didn't get home on any attempts.

Can carry the tight end up the sideline. Able to stay in position on the route. Able to work to the flat in the zone. Nice reactions underneath. Able to break on the ball. Plays with awareness and effort to not be out

of position. Uses his hands to play off blocks. Wrap-up tackler in space. Not a real thumper as a tackler, but gets them on the ground.

Plays with lateral range but without the quickness. Little trouble when he gets hooked up on blocks. There are times where his lack of strength hurts him. Can also get in trouble when he jumps around blocks, but this is not something that happens all the time. Not always stout at the point. Is a better player when he can scrape and play on the move than stand in there toe-to-toe.

I see him as a fit as a weak side or strong side linebacker.

Work on special teams came on the kickoff team, right guard on the punt team, and as a blocker on the punt return team. He plays with that same stiffness that you see as a linebacker. Some initial pop as a blocker, then rallies to try to stay in position. As a cover man, would not call him quick or fast but very smart in how he plays. Knows how to avoid blocks.

You're always looking for an upgrade on players currently on the roster, so he will battle Cam Lawrence for that role of core special teamer and backup linebacker. See him work as a nickel linebacker and spot starter with a big role on special teams. Would not want him to be a starter for any length of time.


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