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Scouting Report: Hillman Gives Cowboys Quickness, Experience To RB Position

Ronnie Hillman
RB (5-9, 200) 4.45  San Diego State
Drafted: DEN 3rd Round 2012
Games Studied: SD '16 vs OAK, CLE, KC

  • Started his career with the Denver Broncos. Spent time with the Broncos, Vikings and Chargers.
  • Smaller running back with good thickness. Shows physical toughness when he carries the ball. Not many opportunities with the Chargers to carry the ball where it wasn't muddy. Had to make plenty of reads/cuts due to poor blocking in front of him. Played with initial quickness and a burst.
  • Has the speed to get the ball to the corner but not the speed to hit the home run. Very good short area foot quickness and agility. Can get lateral in a hurry. Plays with body control and balance.
  • There were snaps where one tackler brought him down. Didn't show the strength or power to run through tacklers.
  • Was much better when he could avoid the first man. Quickness was better that upper and lower body strength. Patient runner to a point when he had blocking. Was able to read blocks and make the right cut.
  • Caught the ball in the flat when it was thrown at his chest. Had trouble when the ball went above his head.
  • Was used as a chip blocker on the edge but nothing special.
  • Didn't see him fumble in his carries. Protected the ball.
  • Showed some elusiveness in the open field. Has some 3rd down back traits to his game. Will likely be used in that role.
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