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Scouting Report: Iloka's Best Fit At Safety


FRISCO, Texas – Here's my scouting report on new Cowboys safety George Iloka, who officially signed a one-year free agent contract on Monday:

Name: George Iloka
Position: Safety
College: Boise State
Height: 6-4
Weight: 225
Draft: 5th Round (Bengals) in 2012
Games Studied: The Vikings' 2018 games against the Cardinals, Saints and Jets.

Scouting Report:

  • Started three games for the Vikings in 2018 (Cardinals/Saints/Jets). Was part of a rotating system at safety.
  • Correct reactions when playing near the line. Adjusted to the screen well to make the stop.
  • I believe he sees things well. There is football intelligence to his game. Doesn't get fooled.
  • Nice job of disguising the blitz. Didn't tip off that he was coming.
  • Consistent wrap up tackler. He's not going to let you down in this area. He will deliver a blow on the goal line.
  • Would not call him quick footed. There is not smoothness to his game. His length doesn't allow him to be quick. Hard for him to really cover ground. Feel he's best when near the line.
  • Hard for him to close quickly from depth. Reacts the right way but can be a step late.
  • In any type of coverage where he's going to have to carry a receiver down the field, his lack of speed is going to be a problem. To turn and run is an issue.
  • Reminds me of Barry Church in the way he plays. Physical but lacks athletic traits. Need to play him around the line in order for him to have a chance. The deeper he plays the more issues he has.

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