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Scouting Report: Judging Jordan Mills' Credentials For Swing Tackle

Name:Jordan Mills   
College:Louisiana Tech
Draft:163rd overall by Chicago, 2013

Games Studied: 2014 regular season vs. SF, GB, DAL

Report:Mills lined up at right tackle for the Bears. For the most part he competed well, but there were snaps where I thought he lacked that finishing push – you don't see that nastiness down after down like you see with this Cowboys offensive line.

He will let his man off the hook instead of finishing the job. Appeared to play with football intelligence and assignment awareness. I did not see him make any mental mistakes or wind up completely out of position when working with the guard. I also did not see much initial quickness or foot speed in his game off the snap or into his blocks. Tends to play flat footed and with limited knee bend, but he is able to get away with this because of his upper body strength and power. 

Unlike most of the Cowboys' offensive linemen, Mills does not have a big punch but instead will extend his hands and hold the defender in place. There are snaps where he will get broken down technique-wise and still manage to hold up. I didn't see him get driven back or taken to the quarterback on a pass rush. He doesn't have ideal body control or balance. I would say that he has slow feet and it causes him to set overextended -- but surprisingly, in the games I studied, he didn't give up the corner.

Where rushers did cause him some issues was when they came inside on him – he just wasn't quick enough to close the door completely on them. He played the majority of his snaps in a two-point stance, and I believe this affected the way he run blocked one-on-one. I didn't see the strength that you saw in pass protection. Didn't sustain as well. Was better when he could angle or down block because he would just use his mass to shield the defender.

I did not see him pull or work in space on screens, but because of his lack of foot quickness, I would have some concerns in him having success doing this.

In watching Jordan Mills play, I don't believe you have a swing tackle here. I see a right tackle only -- which means that Darrion Weems will likely just focus on that left side and work to improve there. 

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