Scouting Report: New Cornerback Jemea Thomas

17 December 2017: Jaylon Smith (54) of the Dallas Cowboys during their NFL week 15 regular season 20-17 win over the Oakland Raiders at Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, Calif. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

IRVING, Texas – Two scouting reports of defensive back Jemea Thomas, who the Cowboys acquired Wednesday afternoon. Thomas played safety for Georgia Tech, but he spent the preseason as a cornerback with New England.

Pro Report with the New England Patriots:

  • Was a sixth-round selection for the Patriots out of Georgia Tech. Played as a safety for the Yellow Jackets, but for the Patriots his primary position was as a corner. I did see him line up against the Eagles as a safety in certain packages. He also played the slot and appeared to be very comfortable in that role. He showed foot quickness along with an extended burst. His backpedal and movement appeared to have a hint of tightness, but when the receiver crossed on him he did manage to plant and redirect with him. Thought his positioning in routes was very good. Did not see many routes where the receiver was able to separate on him. When studying his college tape, he was a solid tackler and always around the ball. Only saw him make one tackle in the two games I watched. He's not the biggest guy physically, but he did not shy away from contact as a safety, either. Played with more quickness in these NFL games than he did in college.

College Report out of Georgia Tech:

  • At safety, he comes downhill in a hurry. Outstanding burst and nose for the ball. Pedals sideways. Able to turn and adjust in zone. Some single high work. Will switch off men in zone coverage. Aware of his responsibilities. Good in his zone drops. Can mirror and adjust. Will [embedded_ad] sometimes drift in coverage. Can carry his man up the field. Will chase the ball. Will deliver a nice blow as a tackler. Able to get Todd Gurley down in the open field against Georgia with a nice wrap-up tackle. Able to work himself into position on the "9" or vertical "go" against Ole Miss. Played the ball in the air and knocked it down. Aware enough to adjust back to the route out of zone coverage. Against Virginia Tech, he got some work out of the slot. Good player around the ball. Can line up at cornerback or safety. Short like Joyner of Florida State but not as good of a player on the quickness side. 
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