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Scouting Report: New DE Signing Davis Is A Versatile, Rotational Player

Name: Ryan Switzer Davis
Position: DE
College: Bethune-Cookman
Height: 6-2
Weight: 265        
Draft: Undrafted in 2012, signed with Jacksonville

Games Studied: 2015 vs. Indianapolis, New England; 2016 vs. New York Jets (preseason)

Report:Davis was used as a nickel rusher for the Jaguars early in his career and then switched to linebacker this season – he was not the best fit there. He needs to have his hand in the dirt and rush.

This is a rotational player. His best pass rushes came from defensive tackle spot. He's not the longest player on tape, but he has some suddenness to his game. He's quick off the ball, and he attacks the shoulder of the blocker with a quick arm-over move off the snap.

Davis works hard not to stay blocked. He will work down the line and stay active. He knows he is in trouble if he stops and tries to go toe-to-toe with the blocker, so he is a nice guy to play on the move. One thing I liked about him is that he works counter moves as he goes up the field. Has a feel for how to rush when you use him on the twist. He'll also use spin moves off the edge, which can be valuable.

This is the type of player that can win "right now."  He can capture the edge, then close on the ball. Showed some power with a rip move – but this is a better leverage player than a power one. Last year, he showed the ability to create a turnover in the pocket against the Colts off a rip move.

Davis can finish when he gets close – which is something that has been lacking among these Dallas defensive linemen. He is physical getting the ball carrier down. He was able to run and deliver a blow to knock ball carrier off his feet. There is also some pop when he gets there. I can see him being used in a couple of different spots.  

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