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Scouting Report: New DT Daniel Ross Brings Power To Interior

Name:Daniel Ross
College:Northeast Mississippi Community College
Weight: 305
Draft:Undrafted in 2017, signed with Houston

Games Studied:Preseason 2017, with Houston vs. Carolina, New England, New Orleans

  • Ross was poached off the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad, but he has spent time with the Texans and Lions, as well. 
  • Played as a defensive end for the Texans in their 3-4 scheme but was lined up the majority of the snaps on the outside shoulder of the guard. Natural fit will be for him to play as a tackle in this scheme. Appears to have flex to play either the nose or under-tackle. 
  • Wide-based player. Plays with upper body power. Can hold his ground. Some power in his hands.
  • Shows some initial quickness off the snap, but when he gets tired he doesn't move as well.
  • Will give effort to get outside the tackle box. Will chase the ball. Does a good job of finding it.
  • Can put himself in position to finish, but he needs to do a better job of making that happen. Tends to be close but just missing by a step.
  • Limited pass rush moves. Best one was a quick arm-over, which bought him some separation. Needed to use that one more. Pass rush tends to come in the form of power trying to work the blocker back into the quarterback.
  • Used some in the twist game. Tight path to the quarterback. Hugged the post man well to get around the corner. I have seen him retrace his steps when he gets up field to get back inside to make a tackle.
  • Power to split the double team. When he does get in trouble is when he gets too tall. When he plays high, he's not as good. He has to develop better knee bend.
  • Had some snaps where his balance was poor and he ended up on the ground. To his credit, he was quick off it when that happened.
  • Best traits are his power and movement. He will need to develop some counter moves other than just playing with an arm-over move.  
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