Scouting Report: New OL Signee Dan Buchholz Expected To Play On Interior

Name: Dan Buchholz
Position: OT/OG
College: Duquesne
Height: 6-4
Weight: 301      
Draft: Undrafted in 2016, signed by Chicago

Games Studied: (college tape) William & Mary, Kentucky Christian, Alderson-Broaddus

Report:Lined up as a left tackle. Has some initial pop but doesn't have much finish. Can hold his man in place if the defender doesn't move or present much quickness. He has snaps where his balance is good and then others where he is fighting to stay in position.

He doesn't wind up on the ground, but Buchholz will lose contact with his man the longer the block has to go. Had snaps where he gave up the corner as a pass blocker. More catch and steer than punch. Works hard to get his hands inside, but this doesn't happen with any consistency. He will control his man with upper body power when he gets those hands inside.

At his college Pro Day, Buchholz benched 225 28 times. He doesn't have much in the lower body. He tends to get stuck along the line when he has a block in the running game. Fights hard to get movement, but his feet tend to move in place like he is running in sand. He'll get out and block on the second level, but I would like to see him attack the defender instead of waiting for him to get to him. Buchholz can be slow making the backside cut-off block.

He had a hard time getting his head across the defender when working inside. His best trait is his awareness. There were snaps -- especially against William & Mary -- where they ran stunts with their line and he was able to pass his man along without a problem. He was more than willing to help when uncovered.

Buchholz is taking the roster spot of Jared Smith, who primarily played as a guard -- so in all likelihood he will be looked at in that same capacity in these remaining practices and games.

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