Scouting Report: New OT Bradfield Upgrades Athleticism At Position

Name: Cameron Bradfield
Position:  OT
College: Grand Valley State
Draft: Undrafted in 2011, signed with Jacksonville

Games Studied: 2015, with Arizona Cardinals, vs. Kansas City, (preseason), San Diego (preseason)

Report:Bradfield can get away from the line quickly to get into position to block. Plays light on his feet. I thought he could have used a little better punch when stopping the charge of the rusher.

More placement than punch. Position blocker. Base will get narrow when he is asked to drive block. Stays with man but doesn't get much push. He did 30 reps of 225 pounds coming out of Grand Valley State, but he doesn't play with much upper or lower body power. The blocking position he gets is with his foot work.

He will get knocked back on his set but can recover to finish. If he has an issue as a pass blocker, it's when a rusher carries him down inside. He just doesn't have the power step to close the door. As long as he can keep the rusher wide and up the field there are no issues at all. He works really hard to fit and finish, but he will play sloppy when he becomes tired. He will also get in trouble when his feet stop.

Bradfield can pull and get to the second level as a blocker. Can stay with his man in space, but he had a bad play against San Diego where he ducked his head on the linebacker and he went right by him. I thought he could have been more aggressive as a run blocker. His balance will come and go, and he's better when he doesn't have to deal with quickness.

The Chargers' rushers put more pressure on him off the edge than the Chiefs ones did. He has made stops in Jacksonville, Atlanta and Arizona during his career, and he lined up as a left tackle in those games. I did not see him play on the right side.

He should battle Chaz Green for the swing tackle spot in training camp. Has made starts in the league before. Has experience. Veteran player. Similar to what they had in Charles Brown but is a better athlete and plays with more of a sense of urgency each snap. Has some length to his body.


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