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Scouting Report: New RB Robert Turbin Brings Physicality, Experience

Name:Robert Turbin  
College:Utah State         
Draft:106th overall by Seattle, 2012

Games Studied: Seattle Seahawks, 2014 regular season vs. CAR, GB, NE; Cleveland Browns, 2015 regular season vs. DEN, ARZ, STL.

Report:I watched Robert Turbin go against some outstanding defensive fronts, and at times it was tough sledding. But he was competitive when space wasn't always there. He shows the physical toughness to finish runs -- will lower his head and fight to get those extra yards.

He has better timed speed than long speed. He bounced a run against the Rams where he actually showed a burst to capture the corner, then work up the field. The majority of his runs went between the tackles. I didn't see him playing with much home run speed, but then again I need to be careful because he had limited opportunities on the tape. Turbin is a downhill runner – he takes the ball and will press the hole. There were some snaps where he made the first man miss, then finished the run.  Showed power to run through arm tackles, and he can carry tacklers for extra yards.

He doesn't have the creativity that you see in Trey Williams or that type of explosive quickness or speed. Nice upper body power and strength in the way he carries his pads, and he didn't play with as much balance while with the Seahawks as he did with the Browns. Steady patience and pace as a runner. Runs at times like he knows he is going to get hit. He can read blocks, but, again – there were runs where he had no help. Plays as if he is durable.

He did have a fumble in the Rams game near the sideline that went out of bounds, and he bobbled a pitch in two others games but managed to hang on. He keeps his pad level down and will finish runs. As a receiver, he's limited in his routes -- mainly check downs and screens. Head one drop in the playoffs against Carolina, but other than that was secure.

Bottom line: tough runner that is physical when necessary. Played in some big time games in his career, which is a plus.  

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