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Scouting Report: New RB Williams Shows Surprising Physicality For Size

Name: Trey Williams  

College:Texas A&M
Draft:Signed undrafted with Washington, 2015

Games Studied: Washington Redskins 2015 preseason vs. CLE, DET, BAL, JAX

Report:Williams is competitive for his lack of height. Not afraid of contact. Shows a willingness to stick his nose in the action and physically finish.

Outstanding quickness, forward and laterally. Plays with acceleration and a burst. Can capture the edge in a hurry. Showed the ability to run in and out of trouble. Can create with the ball in his hands. Ability to make the first man miss. Runs with toughness inside, but I would not call him a pile mover. Nice short-area foot quickness but can extend that up the field. Good body control and balance.

He wasn't knocked off his feet by just one tackler. Can change direction if he sees the ability to take the ball all the way across the formation. When you watch him play, you can tell that he plays with his eyes. Quick glances to see where he might have a crease. Breaks tackles with a stiff arm and by keeping his legs moving. He will do his best to finish a run.

In the games I studied, I did not see him put the ball on the ground. He's a short runner, so naturally he keeps his pads down. There were snaps where he gave his blockers a chance to do their job, then attacked the hole. He's not always patient because he wants to get going.

While with Washington, he was used as a wide receiver in the pass game scheme-wise. His best work was over the middle on check downs and screens. He will adjust to the ball, secure then get up the field. I was most impressed with his ability to pass protect despite his height. There were situations where his coaches asked him to block defensive ends and big 3-4 outside linebackers. He would step up and play square.

Williams gives everything he can to do the job. Can always improve on technique, but the willingness is there to do the job. He was in the rotation early in these games – usually when Kirk Cousins was in the game. He played a ton of snaps.

He has special teams value as a kickoff return man. He was one of the best in the nation while at Texas A&M averaging over 25 yards a return. Very similar player to what they had with Lance Dunbar in the things he can do offensively but better pass blocker. 

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