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Scouting Report: New Signing Byron Bell Is Powerful, Versatile, Savvy

Name: Byron Bell
Position: OT/OG
College: New Mexico
Height: 6-5
Weight: 330
Draft: Undrafted in 2011, signed with Carolina Panthers

Games Studied: 2015, with Tennessee Titans, vs. Houston, Carolina, New York Jets, New England

Report:Bell has a massive build to go along with physical toughness. When he comes off the ball, he can get some serious movement but doesn't always do it. He was much better in the Carolina and New England games in playing aggressively. There were snaps where he would catch and steer instead of using his heavy hands. He often relies on his upper body power and strength by grabbing instead of punching. He can stop a rusher in his tracks with his punch, and in that way he can be impressive when he plays with power.

You won't see much playing speed or foot quickness. He's not always quick off the snap, and there is limited acceleration and burst. He's a step late with the backside cut off. He doesn't always get his head in front of the defender, but he's not off balance or on the ground.

Bell doesn't have poor body control – it's just hard getting that much mass going. There are not many snaps where you see him getting those second level blocks. For that reason, he has limited use on screens. He got outside well enough but found it difficult to hit those targets.

Let's talk about strengths. Defenders have no shot when rushing him down the middle. You are not going to knock or walk him back. He struggles more against quickness than he does power. The harder a defender attacks the edge, the harder it is for him to get all the way to the outside -- but he survives. He was in trouble against Kony Ealy of the Panthers and Jabaal Sheard of the Patriots, but he was able to hang in there.

This is a veteran player, and he is able to process what is happening in front of him. Smart player. Will pass his man off with power and adjust. He was late adjusting to a couple of rushes in the Jets game, but he knew what was going on and fought to get back in position.

Bell is not the same caliber athlete as Doug Free, but a much more imposing player from the strength and power aspect. I would not play him at left tackle, but I'd surely consider him on the right side or at guard -- which would allow them to feel better about moving La'el Collins outside.     


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