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Scouting Report On Jed Collins Shows Athleticism For Newly-Signed Fullback

Here is a scouting report on newly-signed fullback Jed Collins, who played last season with the Lions after three years in New Orleans.

Games Studied:
Offense - Dallas, New York Giants, Minnesota

Special Teams: Dallas 

  • Good body control and balance. Is a much better blocker when he is out on the edge in space than he as a point of attack guy. Shows some lateral agility in the way he plays.
  • Doesn't always play with upper body strength and power. Didn't feel like he was the type of blocker that was going to dig his man out of the hole. There were snaps where he would hit on the edge. Will take the right path to his block.
  • More of a catch and steer blocker. Will run with man and shield to keep him away from the ball. Works to finish his blocks by staying in position. Can seal the edge as a blocker.
  • Lions scheme required him to start on one side of the formation and end up back blocking the opposite way so was on the move quite a bit. Lined up as a traditional fullback in the "I" but was also off-set as well which is similar to how they played with Tyler Clutts in this offense.
  • Aware of who he needs to pick up in pass protection but would like to see him hit more square on his man. There were snaps where he went low and tried to cut instead of playing on his feet. Shows the ability to play this way when you study him on special teams so know he can do it. Will line up on teams as personal protector on the punt and as the wing.
  • 2nd line blocker on the kickoff return and the punt return. Missed a block on a kickoff return in the playoff game where C.J. Spillman got around him and was able to make a tackle deep in the Lions end of the field.  
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