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Scouting Report: Revisiting Chaz Green's Upside Before He Joins The 53

Name:Chaz Green
Drafted:91st overall by Dallas, 2015

Report:Missed all of training camp and the majority of the season.

Has been practicing with the team now for two weeks in order to determine if he will be added to the 53-man roster for the final five games. Has been getting work on the scout team during practice, playing left and right tackle. Has also seen some work at guard.

While at Florida I thought there were snaps where he struggled to sustain blocks and didn't finish like he should have. The scheme with Gators required him to catch more blocks than push. He will need to develop that ability to come off the ball and put himself in better blocking position. I like the way he extends his hands. He can control rushers with his length, and he will play with leverage.

I would like to see him play with more power than finesse. There were snaps where he tried to muscle his man off the ball. When on the move he will drive his man down inside. He is a much better man when he can play on the move instead of blocking one-on-one -- tends to get stalemated when that happens. Green does a nice job of playing on his feet, but there are snaps where he gets a little over-extended and it causes him to play off balance. His feet can be good in pass pro, and I really like the way this guy plays as a pass blocker. He gets away from the line well, which puts him in position to make the block.

He will duck his head some, but that's because he doesn't trust his strength. Didn't play with much strength or power while at Florida but this time off has allowed him to go into the weight room and improve here.

All reports from the practices is that his work on the scout team has been solid and more time will help him develop his instincts, awareness and that ability to finish once he's on the 53-man roster.   

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