Scouting Report: Studying Tape Of Minter & Watson


OXNARD, Calif. – Before the Cowboys head back to Dallas, here's a quick review of the available tape of new tight end Asa Watson and new defensive tackle Zach Minter.

Asa Watson       TE          North Carolina State      UDFA New England 2014

  • On tape, he has a build like a big receiver, more so than a tight end -- long armed player.
  • Will line up as an inline "Y", flexed in the slot and as a wing as well.
  • Shows some nice initial quickness off the snap. Plays with some vertical burst. Appears to be able to run. Had a nice wheel route against the Redskins last week -- up the right sideline, where he was able to separate.
  • He can take routes up the field or work underneath. Did a nice job of getting quickly into the flat.
  • Shows some sustain as a run blocker, but he doesn't have great power. More of a fit and run with your player. Effort is outstanding in his ability to attempt to finish. Will keep his feet churning on contact.
  • Plays with good angles and is able to adjust. Is athletic enough to get to the second level and compete.
  • Will stay in and help in pass protection. Not the type to sit down on the rusher, but he gets in the way to keep him from the ball. Able to adjust in space.
  • More of an athlete than a power player. Will move across the formation and work to set the edge.
  • I diid not have the opportunity to see him catch the ball, so I cannot evaluate his hands.
  • Watson is more in line of the type of tight ends they currently have on the roster, but he's more effective as a blocker than Gavin Escobar. 

Zack Minter       DT         Montana State                UDFA Chicago 2013, Cincinnati 2014

  • Short but very thickly-built player. Minter has mass in the upper and lower body.
  • Will play as the one-technique but occasionally will slide outside to the three. [embedded_ad]
  • Is in constant motion. Never stops in trying to get to the ball. Outstanding effort.
  • Some initial quickness off the ball with a small burst. Can be all over the place when he comes off the ball.
  • Has a hard time with change of direction once he gets up the field. Has to almost stop to do so.
  • Is much better when he can work down the line and try to get to the outside. Will not run many ball carriers down, but he is always trying.
  • Can be a difficult man to move at the point. Dealt with a number of double-team blocks and would battle to split them. I like the way he was able to anchor down at the point.
  • Doesn't always play under balance. Will rush, stop, then try to adjust back.
  • Relies more on upper body power and strength than he does real technique. Will try and beat you up with power.
  • Would like to see more hand use than power.
  • Does not have many pass rush moves. He can be good when scheme calls for him to slant and play on the move. If he can get a shoulder, he can be difficult to block.
  • Don't see how you can use him as a pass rusher in twist and stunts because of the lack of change of direction.
  • He gives this defense more size inside, instead of playing with Caesar Rayford and Adewale Ojomo at the one and three. They tend to get pushed around when they work at that spot.   
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