Scouting Report: Studying The Tape On New LB Signee Kyle Knox

Games Studied: Saints Pre Season '14: St. Louis, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Baltimore. Atlanta Regular Season '14

Fits the size and speed requirements for the defensive scheme. Does a nice job of competing each snap. Got a little tired in the Ravens game but was able to fight through it. Good football intelligence. Wasn't fooled when the ball went away from him on the boots and waggles. Was aware where his man was on the route and was able to secure him with positioning. Good playing speed and quickness. Best trait that he has in my opinion is his ability to burst and close on the play. When he is on the move, he can cover some ground. Plays with lateral quickness and agility. Good body control and balance. There were snaps where he had had to plant his foot and redirect to the ball without any issues. Would say that his overall playing strength is a weakness.

Will extend his hands to control but it's a struggle for him to cleanly disengage of large blockers. Not afraid to strike with his hands but lacks that explosive snap. Can't always anchor down and play in balance. Effort is outstanding in getting to the ball and can finish when he gets in position. Wrap up tackler in space. Ability to cover is helped by his ability to run and move. Can take backs out of the backfield or carry a tight end up the field. Better man player than zone. Can stay with his guy in space.

Was used as a blitzer but did not have much success getting home. Didn't have the power or moves to make a difference. Came off the field in nickel situations. Majority of regular season action was on special teams where he was the right tackle on the kickoff return, R5 on the kick off, right wing on the punt and blocker on the punt return. Physical taking on the blocker while on kickoff coverage. Played as a weak inside linebacker for the Saints in a 3-4 – can see him playing as a WILL in this scheme do to his ability to run and hit.


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