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Scouting Report: Taking Closer Look at DT Amobi Okoye


Amobi Okoye
DT (6-2, 292), Louisville

Drafted in the 1st round by the Houston Texans. Spent time with the Chicago Bears as well.

Games Studied: 2012 Chicago Bears against: St. Louis, Dallas and Green Bay

  • Last played in the NFL in 2012 with the Bears and current Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. In the games I studied, he lined up at all three spots in the 4-3 but was best as the three technique.
  • The first trait you notice about him is the quickness and how he is able to get off the ball on the snap. When he is on the move, he can be hard to deal with. This was something that Marinelli appeared to take advantage of when he had Okoye in the game. Can really cover some ground when he sees the ball going to the outside. Plays outside the tackle box. Very good at working down the line. Can really chase the ball and does a nice job of holding off the blockers with one arm, then sliding down the line to put himself in position to make the play. [embedded_ad]
  • Can make the blocker have to play flat along the line with him. Is very active in the way that he plays the game. It was rare to see him in one position or on the ground. Thought he played with nice balance and power when he had to deal with blockers one-on-one.
  • Where he got in trouble is when he played as the one, then he had to deal with double teams. It was harder for him to get off the blocks and be active on the play. His best shot at winning on the pass rush is on his first move up the field. If he gets stopped or stuck, then he is not going to be of any good to the scheme. When he can attack that outside shoulder of the guard, he has a chance. I like what he is able to do with his hands. They appear quick and they are always working. His best move was the quick, arm under that would get in going on his rush.
  • Was used in some line games and was effective coming around the corner to create pressure. Would not use him as a long term rusher but play him in a rotational system like they used him in Chicago and you would get the best out of him.
  • Did not play a snap in 2013, much like George Selvie did in 2012, so the hope is for the same type of results.
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