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Sean Lee Ties Jordan's 41-Year-Old Tackle Record; 2 More Shine

There's more attention on the tackle Sean Lee didn't make, referring to the blindside hit he took on a block by Seattle's Golden Tate.

But the 21 he did make were pretty good, too. In fact, it ties a 41-year record set by Lee Roy Jordan in 1971.

Of Lee's 21 stops, 15 were solo tackles, which is tied for second-most by the Cowboys. Lee actually 15 in a game last year against New England when he totaled 19 overall.

Lee didn't get the tackle on Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson during an early-fourth quarter play in which the linebacker was smacked by Tate, who lowered his helmet to deliver the kill shot that sent Lee flying in the air and then out of the game for a few plays.

But Lee did return to make a handful of other tackles in the final quarter.

Last year, Lee led the Cowboys with 131 tackles, head and shoulders above the rest as Abram Elam was second with 79.

And he wasn't the only player with a career-high in tackles against Seattle. Bruce Carter and DeMarcus Ware each had 13 tackles against the Seahawks.

Now, these aren't exactly flattering stats, considering Seattle was able to rush for 182 yards, including 149 in the second half. Somebody has to make the stops.

But most of them were by Lee, who made the tackle on exactly one-third of Seattle's 63 total snaps.

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