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Seattle Coach Now Sees Four Weapons In Cowboys' Air Attack

IRVING, Texas - To Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, the breakout performance of Kevin Ogletree was about more than Ogletree's own maturation, but it was also a sign of the dangerous potential of the Cowboys' offense. 

Carroll explained his thought process as he watched Ogletree catch for over 100 yards and two touchdowns in last week's season opener against the Giants. 

"(I was) fretting the fact that they have a whole other weapon to go along with the guys that are playing with him," Carroll said. "Miles and Dez are great players and then here comes Kevin having a big game." 

Carroll also explained that if tight end Jason Witten is back to 100 percent then there will be another dynamic to their offense. 

"We didn't see as much of Jason and I'm sure we'll get to see more of Jason Witten too," he said. "He's an extraordinary factor in their offense. It's just one problem after another."

Carroll's praise of the offense is noteworthy considering that during his time as head coach of Southern Cal, he consistently had some of the highest scoring offenses in the country to go along with some of the most dynamic athletes in his offense. Carroll went on to explain that the Cowboys' receiving threats rival any in the league. 

"There's a lot of teams that have three guys, but (the Cowboys) have four guys," Carroll said. "That's because Jason's such a good player and he's such a go-to guy for the quarterback." 

Carroll added Ogletree's performance against the Giants has caused the Seahawks to take extra time to prepare for him. He also pointed out that he believes Ogletree will only get better as a receiver. 

"We have to not only pay attention to the starting guys but when (Ogletree) is coming in there we have to tune in to it and make sure he doesn't hurt us," Carroll said. "I'm sure Kevin Ogletree is going to develop, too. This was a big breakout game for him and all, but he's going to be more of a problem as they continue to go to him." 

Carroll has always had a reputation as a players' coach and he even seemed to genuinely happy to speak of the emergence of a young player, even one he does not coach. However, Carroll did joke that he wished Ogletree would have waited a few weeks to show his true potential. 

"He could have taken a little longer as far as we're concerned, he didn't have to breakout right now."

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