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"Seeing Stars" DCC: Making the Team Episode 1208 Preview

Iconic fifteen stars. The legendary star. Music making stars. What do these all have in common? They all come together on tonight's can't-miss episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

You know the drill. This week the girls are back to work, just a few steps away from making the legendary Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. But no week of training camp is like the last. Those who have made it this far will have to put all their blood, sweat, and cheers into making this team.

If potentially getting to wear the iconic DCC uniform isn't motivation enough, the veterans get to perform at a thrilling appearance that is sure to excite the rookie candidates into working that much harder. On tonight's episode the girls will join DFW native, and pop superstar Demi Lovato, on stage while she rocks out with her fans.

Bringing it back home, the girls will get a tour of the Star from the one and only Charlotte Jones Anderson. As they walk through the beautiful new facility, they will be reminded "it is a privilege, not a right to play, coach, and work (or cheer) for the Dallas Cowboys."

To earn that privilege the girls must bring it at rehearsals. They'll put on the boots for the first time to feel how a change in footwear challenges a dancer. If they want to take their white Lucchese boots home, they're going to have to kick higher, perform bigger, and shine brighter.

Country star RaeLynn will join the girls to share her expertise. As someone who has gone through her own competitive and challenging process to gain her success, RaeLynn can relate to the girls who are fighting with everything they've got to make this team.

As inspiration surrounds the training camp candidates, they'll continue to work harder each week in hopes of seeing another day. As there continues to be cuts, every 8-count matters. Tune in tonight to CMT at 10/9c for this weeks episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. There is no more room for error, the locker room is buzzing, and you might see some ladies in blue called into the office on tonight's must-watch episode. 

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