Selvie Happy To Have Found Home With Cowboys


IRVING, Texas – This is by no means George Selvie's first NFL offseason – a quick look at his stats can tell you that.

The next few months will be Selvie's fourth offseason after having completed his fourth professional season just last week. The Cowboys signed Selvie off the street, but it's not as if he had no experience.

"I've played some football. Everybody thinks I didn't play for the last few years, but I've played. I wasn't a starter, but I've had some snaps. Just going out there and playing, that's all it is.

Take another look at the stat sheet, though – especially after Selvie's fantastic season as a replacement for Anthony Spencer. From the time the Cowboys added him to their training camp roster until their year-ending loss to Philadelphia, Selvie put together a season far surpassing any of his others.

With 45 tackles as a starter in 2013, Selvie accounted for 52 percent of his career total in one year. His seven sacks as a Cowboy is more than double the three career sacks he tallied in his three prior seasons. 

"It was a good ride. I was sitting at home – I wasn't in anybody's training camp, nobody's OTAs. But they gave me a chance to come in here and show what I can do, and I ran with the opportunity," Selvie said. "I feel like I had a really solid season, so I'm just going to keep going with that." [embedded_ad]

The Cowboys signed Selvie to a two-year contract when he splashed onto the scene earlier this year, which means the journeyman has some degree of peace of mind going into 2014. There are plenty of question marks about the team's plan along the defensive line, but Selvie looks to be a part of that plan for at least another season.

"I've got another year left on my deal, I had a solid season," he said. "Usually, I'm going into training camp like 'Oh, man. I'm going to have to work for this' -- I'm still going to have to work for it, don't get me wrong, but I feel like I had a great season and I know where I'm going to be."

"I love it here, so I wouldn't rather be no other place but Dallas," he added.

With that question answered, Selvie said he can work on improving his game. He had several noteworthy performances, but Selvie said himself he disappeared at times in 2013. The day after the 24-22 loss to Philadelphia, he said he needs to find consistency as a rushman.

"Pass rush – I need to be more effective in the pass rush, I know that. I'm my biggest critic," he said. "I didn't get enough pressure last night or all through the year, but I made some plays and that's good, but I feel like I can do more."

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