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Show Group Is GONE!

Written by Nicole Bulcher

Monday night was Show Group's final dress rehearsal at the Glass Cactus. We got to see their entire show, entitled "America and her Music," that they are performing right now on their 73rd USO tour. The girls did a fabulous job, and I am still in awe of them going from the Sunday night game to dress rehearsal to leaving for tour all in 48 hours! They are rock stars and have amazing family and friends who helped them get ready to leave with all the essentials thoughtfully packed.

So what do the rest of us do back here while our talented Show Group is spreading Christmas cheer to military bases in Japan and South Korea? Most of us are taking some advantage of going to sleep at a decent hour, picking up more hours at work (me!!!), studying properly for finals, going out for birthday dinners and working out at Jay's Bootcamps or Lisa's Bar Method studio in Dallas. However, without fail, someone is texting someone around 6 p.m. just to make sure we don't have practice. Even when our calendar says we're off, there is a moment of panic because nobody wants to be wrong or show up late!

Yesterday, I had the chance to visit my talented cousin, Randy Fenoli, whom some of you may recognize from TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress." He was in Dallas doing a huge bridal event at the Hilton Anatole, and even started shooting for his own series "Randy to the Rescue." The semi-truck with his likeness painted on the outside is larger than life. He graciously signed a copy of his new book It's All About the Dress that hit shelves in November.

Although I will not be a bride any time soon, his words of wisdom will empower anyone who reads it. Randy always knows just what to say to make you feel special and to get you to laugh. His show is going to be awesome, so when it airs this summer, you must check it out. I couldn't be more proud of him and I know I speak for my entire family in saying that.

So even though we aren't meeting for practice this week, things never slow down for a DCC during the season. The entire squad learned the Christmas halftime routine before Show Group left, so that cannot be forgotten before the game. I am lucky in that when the extra studio at my job is open, I can practice in there until I'm a sweaty mess. Ally emailed the team our music before she left so we can practice the eight minutes of upbeat Christmas music until they get home on Dec. 22 (just in the knick of time for the game!). Girls are also doing appearances around DFW and staying in shape despite the holiday treat temptations that everyone comes into contact with this time of year.

That's just a little update on what's up with the DCC this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Show Group (and their punctual chaperone, Dan) overseas and with the servicemen and women who must be away from their families this Christmas season. Much love and many cheers to everyone who makes sure we remain safe and free here at home!

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