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Show Leftovers: Cowboys Better Equipped For Running QBs?

With only an hour on the air, great e-mail questions occasionally fall through the cracks on the **Cowboys Break** and **Talkin’ Cowboys** online radio shows. But all questions are appreciated and we'll try to answer them in some form or fashion on On Tuesday, Bryan Broaddus answered a few that didn't make the air.

Kyle in New Jersey:Do you believe the Cowboys are better equipped to handle quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson and RGIII because of the improved speed on defense?

Broaddus: I think that's a great question. There is no doubt the Cowboys' speed at inside linebacker has improved without Bradie James and Keith Brooking. What I saw in the Giants game that gave me hope also for better defense was the tackling. When you play guys like Vick, Griffin and Wilson, you have to find ways to get them on the ground when you have a chance. You need athletes to match athletes, but no matter how fast you play, you had better tackle and for the majority of the preseason and opening game, this defense has done that.

* *

Reggie in Virginia:What is Mike Jenkins status, any chance he will play some against the Seahawks? Broaddus: Jenkins got work before the Giants game on the scout team. I believe that you will see Rob Ryan rotate these corners and get them all snaps in the game. This is nothing new for him because he did it last season and these corners also play both on the right and left side. You will see different combinations, but I believe that Orlando Scandrick will still be in the slot.


Oscar in Wisconsin:If Gerald Sensabaugh misses the Seattle game, who do you see filling in for him? And would it be possible to see Orlando Scandrick play some safety since Mike Jenkins should be back?

Broaddus: Danny McCray was back at practice Monday and got work next to Barry Church. If Sensabaugh can't go, I am sure McCray would start, with Mana Silva and Mario Butler as the backups. We should know Sensabaugh's situation when we hit the field on Wednesday.


Marcus in Texas:Shouldn't our WRs be able to destroy Seattle's starting DBs, Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner? Don't get me wrong. Earl Thomas is a good free safety, but it just seems like we should be able to exploit their secondary.Broaddus: I wouldn't use the word "destroy" here. Both those corners have great size and are difficult to get away from in press coverage. I really do like Sherman and his ability to not only play the receiver, but the ball as well. When matched up against Larry Fitzgerald, it was a battle. Thomas does have nice range and Kam Chancellor is a banger. The biggest problem might be trying to hold up against Chris Clemons, Jason Jones and Bruce Irvin. If you don't block these guys, you will have problems throwing the ball.   

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