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Show Leftovers: Is Claiborne Ready To Start; Beasley's Role?

Here are some leftover questions from The Break and Talkin’ Cowboys.

Ryan in Texas:

If Mike Jenkins shows enough in practice and the coaches are comfortable with him playing. Does he start over Claiborne or do they just throw Mo and let him sink or swim?

Broaddus: The Cowboys drafted Morris Claiborne to play now. When the club lines up next Wednesday night against the Giants, he will be in the lineup at right corner. Mike Jenkins is not in any type of game shape yet and how much he really plays will be looked at closely but Jenkins will be there during the season in case that Claiborne doesn't swim.

Nicholas in Canada:

My question is about Cole Beasley, if indeed he makes the team as most are projecting what impact if any will he have in the offense will he be in the 10-15 offensive reps per game or will he get more or less?

Broaddus: What I have seen from these offensive coaches is that Beasley will get opportunity in games to help make plays but he will also split time with Kevin Ogletree, Dwayne Harris and Andre Holmes. I have a strong feeling that all the receivers will be used in different roles as the game situation sees fit. Beasley is an inside receiver but with the first offense, that is usually Miles Austin's role so the club might not have a true third receiver but a combination of guys to fill one role.

Charles in Missouri:

How do you think DeMarco Murray will fair against the Giants? They haven't faced a Cowboys running back this good since the mid 90's.

Broaddus: When you play the Giants, you need a tough runner because their front seven does a really nice job of tackling. They are a little light at some spots at the edge and you have to take advantage of that. Murray's vision will help him see the holes and cracks in this defense but he has to get through them. Where Murray can really hurt the Giants is his ability to catch the ball in space matched up against Mathias Kiwanuka and Chase Blackburn. Watch to see if Jason Garrett tries to take advantage of that.


What player(s) or position(s) at the bottom of the roster can u see getting cut if a better player hits the waiver wire?

Broaddus: My scouting sense says that the front office might be in the market for a fourth tight end. Don't believe it will be a guy off the street like Chris Cooley but one off the waiver wire. As for the other positions, you never know until the waiver gets out and you see the names but the pro and college scouts have been tracking the other 31 teams.

Bad Bonz in Washington DC:

You do think that the Cowboys are set at safety?

Broaddus: I have to admit that I was worried about how the safeties were going to perform this summer but overall as a group they have been outstanding. You have seen range for Sensabaugh and Silva with interceptions. Church and McCray have been physical not only at the point of attack but in coverage on third down. The biggest disappointment has been that Matt Johnson has not been healthy enough to get in on the mix. I like what I have seen from the group but will need to carry this over into the season because we all remember the problems this group had playing the ball in the air in 2011.

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