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Show Leftovers: Scandrick's Play; Is Romo Good Enough?

Here are some leftover questions from the radio shows on Football analyst Bryan Broaddus answers your questions with his own opinions as well. 

Mike in California:I haven't been hearing a lot about Orlando Scandrick this year. You said he needed to play better so how do you think he is doing?

Broaddus: There have been times where I have been very critical of Scandrick's play in previous years and believed that coming into this season that he needed to have a more consistent year playing in the slot. Scandrick made these improvements in his game this summer in Oxnard when at various times he was pressed into duty because of the injuries to Morris Claiborne. He is playing with more aggressiveness against receivers and you don't see the separation in routes that you saw in 2011. There has never been a question of his smarts or toughness but I had questions of his overall confidence but he is playing much better in that area now.

Calvin in Texas:When will management realize what the public has known for years? Romo wouldn't be a starter on most other NFL teams and probably wouldn't make the roster on championship caliber teams.

Broaddus: I am amazed that people seem to forget about those years after Troy Aikman retired when we (on staff) played with quarterbacks that were professional baseball players and had no business even taking a snap in the NFL. How can you sit there and say that Romo wouldn't be a starter on most other teams? They wouldn't want Romo in Jacksonville? Miami? How about Seattle or Oakland? I worked here when we had NO SHOT at winning because our quarterback play gave us no shot and you can't even begin to realize what a sick feeling that is every week know you have no shot to win. I know you wouldn't do it but give me a chance to win, I can live with the mistakes.

Chris in Connecticut:Never did I think I'd say this, but I miss Anthony Spencer. Victor Butler gives you nothing against the run and playing a full game he proved he's not that great at rushing the passer either.

Broaddus: In training camp, I wanted to give Victor Butler more of an opportunity to play, so I was glad to see him start but to your point, there are things that he cannot do that Spencer can and I think that is where the Cowboys missed him. Butler had a great opportunity to make this front office think about extending him this off season but it really looks like they will see what Kyle Wilber can do in the future. Butler needed to make that sack of Cutler on third down to get his defense off the field but it didn't happen and the bottom line in this business is making plays and when the coaches put you in position to do that, you need to finish the play.

Les in Texas: Can the Cowboys not go to the spread like Arizona did with Kurt Warner when they couldn't run the ball?  At least this would allow you to use the pass to create lanes for the draw and make quick short passes and screens to move the ball?

Broaddus: I think in the Bears game we got a preview of what this team is going to become offensively. Get in "11" personnel and make teams defend three receivers and Jason Witten and use the short passing game as a way to move the ball like they are running it. Murray is a good single back runner and if you can spread the defense out, then there is the possibility of finding creases. You can also use Murray to catch the ball out of the backfield. I really do believe it's a way for the Cowboys to stay ahead of the chains but get the most out of their personnel. Thanks so much for the question, it was a great one.

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