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Show Leftovers: Why Not Get Austin More Involved? No Huddle?

Here are a few leftover questions from this week's radio shows on Talkin' Cowboys and the Lunch Break

Brendon from Utah:Ray Rice is one of the best running back in the league. Is our front four going to be ready to and able to stop that powerful run game?

Broaddus: When you study Ray Rice and the Ravens offense the first thing you notice is how much push their offensive line is able to get at the point of attack. Their offensive line has outstanding size and is very mobile. Where Rice hurts you is he does a great job at taking the ball and getting to and through the hole quickly behind that push. Where the Ravens also do a nice job is with their tight ends going from the front or play side and cutting across the formation to take out the backside pursuit. This is something that the Cowboys haven't seen a team do offensively to them. This game is going to be able staying square along the front seven, playing with their hands and getting off blocks quickly. If they don't, this will be a very long day.

*Mike in Pennsylvania:Do you think it would be advantageous for the Cowboys offense to go into a no-huddle hurry-up mode early in the game.  Just seems it's a way to change things up and maybe get things going a little quicker in the game. *

Broaddus: I do like your idea of allowing Romo to run a more wide open attack with three receivers and no huddle. I don't know if the coaches like our idea but after watching the Ravens on defense, this might be a good way to attack them. The Patriots did a nice job this way so maybe it gives you a better chance of throwing the ball but also help trying to run it by spreading them out. Ladarius Webb is their best cover corner and he plays in the slot so if Garrett wanted to take him out of the game, put Ogletree inside and let Austin play on the outside and work against Cary Williams or Jimmy Smith. 

Oscar in Illinois:Miles Austin seems to be the most consistent player on offense so far, so why don't they get him more involved to start games? He seems to get most of his catches in the second half.

Broaddus: I do agree with you about Miles Austin. Through the first four games of the season, he has been the most consistent offensive player. I thought there was a great opportunity to really get him going in the Bears game when he was matched up against D.J. Moore but it wasn't near enough. This week against the Ravens, if he is not in the slot and against Ladarius Webb, he can make some plays down the field. The one thing Austin can do is take his routes all over the field. If Garrett can get him the ball quick, he can have one of those games like he did against the 49ers. 

Jim in Canada:We've pointed at the O-line's inability to block and Vickers' disappointing play at FB as reasons for our running game woes. In your opinion, how much of our inability to run the ball can be attributed to the loss of Martellus Bennett or the lack of a big, strong blocking TE on running plays?

Broaddus: I am not going to sit here and tell you that just because Bennett is now with the Giants that the Cowboys can't run the football because there are games that we could have broken down where he wasn't very good at the point of attack in his career too. Would it be nice to have a bigger tight end at the point helping in the running game? Yes, it would be. But the problems are more than that. There are times where plays are blocked very well and there is a fumble on the pitch or there is a hole inside but the ball is taken outside for no gain. There are plays where the edge is blocked clean but the center can't get to the second level and the linebacker makes the tackle on the run through. Let's not forget that this group ran the ball very well against the Giants who I think do an outstanding job of playing against the run. The Murray touchdown run against Tampa was a well blocked play. It's just not one thing like the loss of Martellus Bennett.  

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