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Showers Knows Opportunity To Claim Temporary Backup Role On The Table

FRISCO, Texas – The focus in the locker room on Sunday centered on a rookie named Dak. Although the Cowboys have yet to come out and say it just yet, it seems apparent Dak Prescott will be the starter for a while now that Tony Romo is out.

But what about No. 2? Right now, the only other quarterback on the roster is Jameill Showers, who is expected to get a healthy amount of the snaps Thursday in the preseason finale against Houston.

That was likely to be the case anyway, regardless of Romo's health. But now, as the Cowboys try to find a No. 2 quarterback behind Prescott, the opportunity is on the table for Showers to take full advantage of it. There is a chance the Cowboys will add a veteran, perhaps one that gets released in the next week.

Sunday at practice, Showers took most of the reps once again, something he's been used to this offseason.

"A lot more snaps for me," Showers said on Sunday in the locker room. "Whenever Tony would take a day off, we would all bump up. So Dak would get the 1s, and I'd get the 2s and 3s. That's what we did today."

[embeddedad0]Showers knew the opportunity would be there as soon as he saw Romo on the ground Thursday night in Seattle, with what is now being diagnosed as a fractured L1 vertebra in his back.

"You never want to see anyone go down," Showers said. "I hated it for Tony. Just to see him like that was a scary sight for us, knowing how hard he has worked to get back. So you feel for him. But at the same time, Coach Garrett always talks about opportunity. This is definitely an opportunity for me and I have to make the most of it."

And that will likely come Thursday night against the Texans, a game Showers could end up starting, if the Cowboys decide to sit Prescott.

"They haven't told us how much we will play Thursday but I have to assume I'm going to get a lot of the snaps, if not all of them," he said. "So I'll be ready for that. I'm excited for that chance. I know I can't put too much pressure on myself. I have to play within myself. But at the same time, I'll be prepared because I know this is an important opportunity for me."

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