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Similar Starts For Eagles, 2010 Cowboys

IRVING, Texas-- First off, let the Eagles slide a little on the "Dream Team" nickname. That was an off-hand comment by backup quarterback Vince Young, whom they hoped wouldn't have to play all season long. It's not like Jeffrey Lurie hung a banner outside the team complex.

Still, Philly has hardly been a dream team. The chic pick for the Super Bowl, they're 1-4 and searching for answers after yet another loss on the road.

Sound familiar?

Just last year the Cowboys were in the exact same position: 1-3, visiting Minnesota to try to stay in the early playoff race. They dropped to 1-4, Tony Romo got hurt the following week and things completely unraveled.

Hearing and reading the same buzz words about the Eagles this year: "Penalties, turnovers, self-inflicted."

Michael Vick's interception to Bills middle linebacker Nick Barnett, one of five total turnovers, was downright eerie. Remember Romo's pick to E.J. Henderson after a protection breakdown? Almost the same play.

How about this quote from Eagles tight end Brent Celek: "I've never been a part of anything where you feel like things are snowballing on you. You feel like when you're in the game, things just continually feel like they're not falling your way. But that's up to us, we can turn it around."

Wow. Makes you wonder if they've reach a point of no return. They're certainly better than what they've shown.

The Eagles are learning all about the pressure of high, maybe even unfair, expectations. Just ask the Cowboys what the feeling's like.

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