Smith, Arkin Meeting Challenge Side By Side

SAN ANTONIO --The Cowboys' right side of the offensive line is awfully young right now.

Right guard Montrae Holland's absence from practice (back spasms) has moved a second rookie offensive lineman, David Arkin, into the starting group. He's not exactly a sounding board for rookie right tackle Tyron Smith.

Both are learning the ropes side by side until Holland, an eight-year veteran, gets back.

"It's good for us," Arkin said. "We're working together trying to get the calls right and trying to get set on everything. It's tough on both of us, but we just stay in the playbook and get ready for everything."

Said Smith: "Montrae has the experience in this offense. He knows all the calls and basically when he's there next to me he's helping me learn the plays more so just in case he isn't there, I could do it myself."

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