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Sound Off: Morris Sees "No Excuse" to Score 9 Points; Credit to Wentz & More

After Sunday night's 37-9 loss to the division-rival Eagles, the Cowboys have now dropped two straight games by a large margin of defeat. They'll only have four day to dwell on the loss as they prepare to play San Diego on Thanksgiving.

Here's what players and coaches from both teams had to say after the game:

Jason Witten on losing to a division game to the Eagles:


* "We've got to put this behind us. It was a big game, we needed it, we didn't get it. We're a 5-5 team. We've got to fight now."*

Alfred Morris on the Sunday's final score of 37-9:


* "That's on us as an offense, that's on us not getting more points on the board. You can't score nine points and expect to win a game in the NFL."*

Eagles running back Jay Ajayi on trailing at halftime:


* "I feel we were a little bit asleep in the first half. We woke up in the second half and got into our run game. We dominated after that."*

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson on Carson Wentz' playmaking:


* "You catch yourself and just kind of go, 'Man, this kid,' but then I've got to regroup and refocus and get the next play ready to go."*

Jason Garrett on trying to stop Carson Wentz:


* "A couple of instances when he was down in the red zone or on one of the third downs with people around him, he stood in threw and threw some strikes. So you certainly have to give him credit. *

Dak Prescott on missing key players like Ezekiel Elliot and Tyron Smith:


* "There are no excuses. We're not saying injuries or none of that is bothering us. We just have to execute plays better."*

Taco Charlton on the recipe for turning the season around:


* "Just follow the leadership. We have great leaders. We have great captains. Young guys follow them. They lead the way, and we'll follow them. That's what we got to do."*

Doug Pederson on defeating a division rival:


* "We beat a good football team, the Cowboys. We've still got to play them again. We haven't clinched anything."*

Byron Bell on getting his first start in his home state:


* "Being from the state of Texas, I feel like there are a lot of people from back home that look up to me. I just want to be a good role model for them, and show them that you can be from Greenville, Texas and play in the National Football League."*

Jerry Jones reflecting on his career and being honored at halftime:


* "Make no mistake about it, I was a walk-on when I got to the NFL. I really got to be better than I should ever have been. [The fans have] inspired me that much."* 

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