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Sound Off: Switzer Setting OTA Records? Dez Gets MJ-LeBron Question & More

FRISCO, Texas –The Cowboys have finally wrapped up their last practice of the offseason, completing a three-day minicamp on Thursday.

Up next for the Cowboys is training camp, which begins in Oxnard, Calif. on July 24.  

After Thursday's practice, the players and coaches met with the media, answering questions on a variety of topics. Here are different quotes from the locker room session on Thursday:

Tight end Rico Gathers on his commitment to football:


*  "There will be times when I go to sleep and I'm dreaming of literally the plays that we have to do either the next day or that we've done. I guess I'll be watching a lot of film before I go to sleep – those plays just keep running back in my head and stuff. That's the type of player that I am. I think football all day."*

Dez Bryant on the competitive nature of the minicamps this offseason?


  "We've been competing. We've been going at it back and forth. All the DBs and all the wideouts. I think this is the best we've ever competed against one another. I was just telling Scandrick and some of the other guys that. The defense has been on us. But we've been on them, too. I think that's great."

Dez Bryant on who is better between Michael Jordan and LeBron James?

"Nah, that's for off-camera. I love both of those guys."

Views of the Dallas Cowboys during day 3 of minicamp practice at Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, TX.

WR coach Derek Dooley on rookie Ryan Switzer's progress this offseason:


*  "Well he's got some traits that are really suited for the slot play. But I think it's one of the hardest things to get good at it quickly. There's so many decisions you have to make at a rapid pace. But he's done a good job. What I've seen from his is his ability retain information and his ability to process it. When he makes a mistakes he corrects it quickly."*

Does it help that Beasley and Lucky have been out?

"I think that's the understatement of the year. He's benefitted tremendously. With Cole out and Lucky out, he's probably had more targets than any receiver in the history of OTAs. He's going to benefit from that. He's going to have a hard time at training camp because he's used to getting all of these reps."

Brice Butler on the excitement building of training camp and trying to build off last year:


  My whole thing is, you want to be a part of this team. I'm self-reflecting about what we've got going on. So it'd be a shame not to be here. For me, it's time to go when camp comes around. You can't make mistakes at camp like you can in the spring because it's all on the line.

Jason Witten, on whether his kids expect him to celebrate more now that the celebration rules have been relaxed:


 * "They know better. They know there's not much to it. Granddad taught me a long time ago, act like you've been there before – but better yet, I'm just not as clever as these guys. Jumping in the Salvation Army bucket and throwing up the 'X.' I love T-Dubs' even better – that 'Swag Walk,' as they call it. It's fun to be a part of it, to see these guys. When you enjoy yourself like that and you work like we work, that's a special thing in the locker room. You don't want to ever see that taken out of the game."*

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