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Spencer's Little Brother, Adrien Trying To Make His Own Name


IRVING, Texas – In early March, it didn't seem like Anthony Spencer had much of a future with the Cowboys. The Pro Bowl pass-rusher was about to be a free agent before the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on him for the second straight year.

Fast forward two months and not only his Spencer still here and figures heavily into the defensive plans this year, but his little brother is trying to follow his footsteps with the Cowboys, too.

Adrien Spencer (5-11, 184) is one of the unsigned workout players trying to catch the eye of the coaching staff. The cornerback from Bowling Green has the same last name and has similar facial features, now the Cowboys are wanting to find out if he can be the same defensive playmaker as his older brother.

The younger Spencer has his work cut out of for him, especially coming off an Achilles injury he suffered in January of 2012 that wiped out his entire senior season.

The brothers live and work out together here in Dallas. Adrien said Anthony is more than just a big brother.

"He's kind of like a father figure right now," said Adrien. "He brought me in under his wing. He's providing things I didn't have before. It's a blessing to have a brother in this situation and for him to care about me and our family."

For now, Adrien knows there is no escaping being called "Baby Spencer" or just being referred to as Anthony's little brother. Then again, it's nothing he hasn't seen or heard before.

"It was the same throughout high school because he was a good player in college," Adrien said. "I was always in his shadow, but we played different positions so I didn't really look at it like that. It is what it is, but I would want to make my own name."

While the goal is to make the team, just getting on the roster will be an achievement for the tryout players. Last year, the Cowboys signed Ben Bass and Jamize Olawale to the roster for training camp as workout players. Bass is still on the squad and made it to the 53-man roster later in the year.

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