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Stadium Employees Help Harvest Crops At Nearby Farm


While football season is just around the corner, farming season is year round.  Earlier this week, the two sides went hand in hand, literally.

More than 100 AT&T Stadium employees got their hands dirty as they spent about three hours harvesting crops at Paul Quinn College's "We Over Me Farm."

The farm, which is located on an old football field at the nearby college, hosted The Legends Culinary Team. The two sides formed a partnership back in 2010 where most of the crops used at the concessions at AT&T Stadium, come from the harvest fields at Paul Quinn.

The stadium's food and beverage director George Wasai is an alum of Paul Quinn and one of the initial organizers of this partnership.

Some of the crops grown at the field used at the stadium included organic pepper plants used for the salsas, organic beans, peas and squash varieties that will be used throughout the 2014 season.

The harvest farm isn't just used for the stadium, but surrounding neighborhood markets around the college and farm.

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