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Staff Writers Review Players To Watch Following Arizona Game


PHOENIX– The Cowboys wrapped up their third preseason game and it was the longest action of the preseason for the starters.

Before the game, staff writers Bryan Broaddus, Rowan Kavner, Nick Eatman and David Helman picked two players each that they would be evaluating closely.

Now, we let them review their guys after watching four quarters of football here in Phoenix.

Nick Eatman

Terrance Williams, WR – He had the chance to make a smashing debut as he ran down the sideline uncovered in the first pass thrown his way of his career. However, Tony Romo led him too far, overthrowing the rookie from Baylor in what could've been a touchdown. Williams caught one pass for five yards but couldn't keep his feet to get a first down. He also couldn't come up with a low pass on the sideline.

Bruce Carter, LB – We've started to hear from fans wondering why Carter's name hadn't come up much. So that's why I picked him to keep an eye on. And he was definitely noticeable in those first three drives. His speed was evident near the goal line when he made a sideline tackle on a sweep play. He was in on four tackles and even blitzed early in the game, forcing an incomplete pass.

Rowan Kavner [embedded_ad]

Phillip Tanner, RB:I was interested to see if Tanner could keep up the same ferocity with his running style for the third straight week to begin the preseason, but he didn't get a single rushing opportunity all game. It seems clear he's the fourth back in the mix, and he couldn't do anything to change that perception Saturday. Tanner didn't finish with any special teams stats, either.

Brandon Magee, LB: Magee entered the game with many of the starters near the end of the first quarter, quickly making a tackle near the line of scrimmage on Rashard Mendenhall. His athleticism is there, and he had great coverage in the red zone to force a short field goal attempt which was missed, but too many of his tackles are coming downfield. Still, it's noticeably that he finished with six combined tackles, and the Cowboys are doing what they can to let him prove himself. 

Bryan Broaddus

David Arkin – Coming into this game against the Cardinals, I thought it would be a very important afternoon for Arkin and the confidence level of the staff. With Arkin there has always been questions about his ability as a pass-blocker, and I thought today he was solid in that area. There was one time where he and tackle Tyron Smith didn't handle the twist stunt well and it allowed a pressure resulting in a holding call on Smith. In the running game, Arkin was able to hold his own without any major issues getting pushed back or just flat missing on a block. He was steady today and was able to handle his assignments without any issues.

Jakar Hamilton– Hamilton saw action in the second half in the defensive scheme. He was around the ball and when he had to make tackles in space, he was able to do that. He didn't appear to have any major busts and was solid when he had to physically drive on the ball. I thought he showed nice reactions to what he saw, and despite having his left shoulder looked at for a bit on the sideline, he was able to finish the game. With the health issues this squad is having at safety, I believe you will see him get more opportunities these next two games.

David Helman

Dwayne Harris, WR: I said before the game Harris would be wise to make a play or two against the Cardinals, but he went in the opposite direction. Harris fumbled the first punt of the game after a nice three-and-out by the Cowboys' starting defense. He also failed to register his first catch until late in the second quarter, when he brought in a nine-yarder. He finished his day with five receptions for 52 yards, but the fumble is what everyone is going to remember.

Nick Hayden, DT: Hayden made one tackle during the starting defense's one quarter on the field. He also helped push the pocket on Carson Palmer, which doesn't show up on the stat sheet. The Cardinals only rushed for 23 yards through the middle of the defense while the starters were in. Hayden played the entirety of the first half and also helped create pressure for two Cowboys sacks.

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