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Staying Cautious With Robinson's Return

The news has continued to improve on the Jimmy Robinson situation. The Cowboys' assistant head coach, who also coaches the wide receivers, is taking things slow after a sideline collision Saturday that forced him to the hospital for precautionary reasons.

Robinson was run over by wide receiver Teddy Williams during a special teams drill. The assistant coach was knocked unconscious for a few seconds after his head hit the turf.

After a few minutes on the ground and being tended to by an EMT crew and team doctors, Robinson was carted off on a stretch and taken to the hospital, where he was released soon after and rejoined the team.

"I think he's doing better," Garrett said of Robinson Sunday afternoon. "His wife came down last night. His wife came down last night. We saw him at the team hotel last night, even before dinner. He's just taking it easy for a day or so."

Garrett said he didn't have an official timetable on Robinson's return to practice but it didn't sound like it would be too long into next week.
"We're really just judging it hour by hour," Garrett said. "He's doing well. He's still the same Jimmy Robinson that we know. We just need to take any precaution necessary when something like that happens."

As for Williams, he also suffered an injury on the play as he was trying to avoid several bystanders. He ended up tweaking his hamstring and will be out a few days.

"It was a little (right) hamstring issue," Williams said Sunday. "Stuff happens, things happen. It was just a freak accident. You can play football all your life, 30, 40 years and nothing like that would happen. It's just something that happened. It was crazy how it happened, but you just have to just move forward and just get better be positive about it."

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