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Teammates Come To Romo's Defense Again

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It'll be a long two weeks for the entire Cowboys roster, but mostly for Tony Romo.

Only the head coach and the quarterback have records attached to their resume, and Romo's three interceptions in the second half against the Lions on Sunday contributed largely to the largest lost lead by a home team in regular-season NFL history (24 points).

Romo again will have to answer questions about his decision-making late in games. Same deal the week after he committed two fourth-quarter turnovers in the Cowboys' season-opening loss to the Jets.

Once again, though, Romo's teammates – including several on defense – publicly supported their quarterback. Here are two who were involved in Lions touchdowns following Romo turnovers:

"We've got Tony's back," linebacker Sean Lee said. "I'm sure there are plays out there that he'd like to have back, just like we'd like to have plays back. Obviously when you're around the ball and Calvin Johnson caught that (23-yard) touchdown, I would love to try to make a better play on that.

"We work together. We have each other's back. We know Tony's great. We're gonna go as far as he takes us."

Said cornerback Terence Newman: "If you ask me, I'll ride with Romo any day of the week because I know he'll have my back. I've got his back."

Unfortunately, Romo and the rest of the team can't do anything about Sunday's breakdown for two full weeks.

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