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Thanks to Dak, Jerry More Comfortable Without Romo Than He Ever Expected

OXNARD, Calif. – The Tony Romo era ended back in March but Sunday marked the first training camp in 14 seasons without Romo on this team.

While it certainly wasn't the first question – actually closer to the end – the Romo topic was addressed in the opening training camp press conference on Sunday.

Team owner Jerry Jones admitted he's handling Romo's absence much better than he ever imagined.

"I'm a lot more comfortable than I ever thought I'd be," Jones said. "This time last year and beyond, not having Romo … that has everything to do with the year Dak had. More importantly, the way Dak is approaching this year. We have a really good feeling about Dak. All of that makes this a lot more palatable and comfortable than I ever thought I'd be not having Romo on the team."

Garrett said his expectations for Dak have not changed from his rookie year. The day-to-day improvement is what the coach asks from all players at all stages in their careers. And with Prescott, his approach this year has been to Garrett's liking.

"He too has done an amazing job right from the start," Garrett said. "The endorsement we got from him at Mississippi State was overwhelming. For any of us to say we felt we could take Dak in the fourth round and he was going to have the kind of year he had last year, was not accurate. The biggest thing for Dak is to continue to do what you're doing. His approach is outstanding. He's a pro. He's always prepared and ready. Keep doing that and the rest will take care of itself."

Romo, the Cowboys' all-time leader in both passing yards (34,183) and touchdown passes (248), hasn't officially retired from the NFL. But he has signed with CBS Sports to be the analyst on the No. 1 crew alongside Jim Nantz, beginning this fall. 

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