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The Best Videos From Cowboys Training Camp 2014


Now that Training Camp in Oxnard has officially come to a close, let's take a look back at some of the best videos from the team's three weeks away from home. From fights, to interviews, and even helmet cam's there was no shortage of entertainment this camp. Fight.
You may have seen some t-shirts many of the players (and even myself and my fiancé) were wearing during training camp. Well, there were no shortage of fight's during camp this year. Some amongst teammates, and another against the visiting Raiders.

We happened to be rolling during our "Training Camp LIVE" segment when we caught these heated moments between Morris Claiborne and Terrence Williams.

All was quite for a few days, until J.J. Wilcox laid a hit on Dez Bryant during the Blue and White scrimmage. Check out the action below.

When the Raiders came to town for two days of joint practices you just knew something might happen, and it did as Morris Claiborne laid an unexpected hit. Check out that, as well as Dez Bryant talking a little trash below. 

Inside The Huddle (Helmet Cam's)
It is really amazing some of the access we are given while at training camp, and I think the helmet cam is one of the most fun things we get to do. It's not often you get to experience an NFL practice from the view of an NFL football player.

Each year, every department is assigned a golf cart for training camp. When I was running in for lunch one day I happened to leave my key in the cart and when I returned it was gone. After some super sleuthing we discovered Tony Romo had hijacked it, but the crafty Nick Eatman was able to negotiate a little exchange. Romo keeps the cart, but wears a helmet cam. He agreed, and here are the results.

If you didn't already know, Lance Dunbar is pretty fast. That came across pretty clear when he allowed us to attach the camera to his helmet.

While the visuals of the helmet cam are pretty cool, sometimes the audio is just as a good. Demarco Murray was familiar with the camera from last season, and had a little fun with it this season.

The Ice Bucket Challenge
With the Ice Bucket Challenge really hitting it's peak during camp. A lot of players, coaches, and cheerleaders even joined in. Good thing there is always plenty of ice around for those post-practice ice baths.

Tony and Dez kicked it off early in camp. Personally, I always enjoy breaking out the "Bleep" sound effect. So I had a good time with this one.

Jason Garrett gathered the team around post-practice and took the challenge. Even calling out a few NFC East coaches in the process. One of them even followed through!

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders joined in on the fun after the Cowboys preaseason game against the Ravens. Enjoy.

Just Having Some Fun
Training camp can be a long three weeks away from family and friends, so it's good to cut loose sometimes. Here were some of the funniest videos from this years camp.

Why was Mike Pope throwing water on his tight ends? This drill spawned one of my favorite hashtags of training camp #MikePopeDrills

You might know that Dez Bryant can ball a little bit. I mean, he IS sponsored by the Jordan brand.

I love one handed catches, dont you? Well, LaRon Byrd put on a little show after practice one day and it was fun to watch.

Must See TV
The Dallas Cowboys are blessed with one of the best television departments in the NFL, and they were on top of their game this training camp. See some of their best work below.

See what it is like to get settled into training camp as Special Edition follows DeMarcus Lawrence on day one of training camp.

You might not have seen him on the field in Oxnard, but Sean Lee's rehab and contribution to the team continued. I thought this was a great look into the mental struggle of a season ending injury, and just how much work goes into coming back.

The Cowboys train trip to San Diego is always a fun experience, and it's even more fun when Dez Bryant is snapping photo's of sleeping teammates.

We hope you enjoyed our video coverage of Training Camp 2014. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to email me at or tweet me @EdCahill

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