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"The Final Lap" Making the Team Episode 1212 Preview

There're 37 candidates left and only 36 pairs of boots. The first game is only one week away. As training camp draws to a close, those who are fighting to earn a spot on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders must bring their absolute A game. They've run out of time for mistakes.

As the DCC hopefuls have been in their training camp all summer, it's time for the 'Boys to come on back to Dallas for their inaugural training camp at The Star in Frisco. The girls who were lucky and talented enough to make the coveted Show Group will be given the chance to be a part of history as they perform during the opening ceremonies. Not only is this a landmark performance for the DCC organization, but it's also the first time some of the rookies will perform in uniform.

But amidst all of the excitement, the week is overcast with anticipation of the final cut. Or cuts?

To help with the tough decisions this week will bring, Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell, the director and choreographer for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, will invite Kitty Carter back. But they won't be sitting in the dance studio. The talent-focused trio will be exploring The Star while evaluating each dancer. Where do they end up? Who does Kitty think isn't 15 stars material? You'll have to watch to find out!

Only one more cut has to be made, but this season has been full of surprises. It is clear the final roster will not include any more than 36 names, but there is nothing that says it can't include less. With game day fast approaching, the training camp candidates are so close they can taste it. But just like every year, someone has to be the very last cut. And no one who does not live up to the world-class standard will be handed a uniform for next week's game.

For some, this will be their last week wearing pink. For others, this will be the end of their journey. Tune in tonight to CMT at 10/9c to be one step closer to finding out who will make the final squad.

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