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The Wolf Pack

Written by Nicole Bulcher

When our good friend Jordan Chanley retired from cheering, she had a "going away" lunch and just being around her reminded me of all the positivity she added to the team last year. Everyone could count on Jordan for a smile or a reassuring hug no matter the situation.

Not that her void will ever be filled, but her absence inspired some of us to bring a little extra cheer to the locker room on game day. Ann and Lauren stumbled across an encouraging Facebook page for a girl named Ebony Ross, who had great positive quotes and updates on cool things people were doing these days to help others. The page even talked about Jordan Chanley spreadin' positivity! I will credit Ebony Ross (no, we've never met her!), Lauren and Ann as the original founders of our new inspirational shenanigans … and they are here to stay!

It began with Ann, Lauren, Sasha, Mia and myself. Basically all the second-year vets and Mia because we have one row of lockers next to each other at the stadium – so our craziness has been somewhat confined to one wall. It started off simple enough: We would, among ourselves, trade inspirational quotes on game day as soon as we arrived in our locker room. It was a great way to start the morning practice on the right foot and get us pumped for the day. Who doesn't love a little extra positivity?

We were a nameless, lost subgroup in the locker room until one game in October. Sasha's quote that day was derived from a popular movie (the title of which I'd rather not write) and was morphed to fit her needs to become inspirational. Let's just say that Sasha's remix of Alan Garner's "Wolf Pack" speech from that movie is now legendary. The five of us officially became the Wolf Pack and identified with the strong bonds associated with one.

We have since developed another new tradition: the "Wolf Pack Attack" that happens after lunch on game days. It involves an unsuspecting rookie and veteran each getting "attacked" by us, with a positive, hand-written quote. Brittany and Kamilah were our first lucky ones, and last game was Ally and Mackenzie. Now, I am in charge of giving a good quote to each of the Wolf Pack, and the other four girls pair up to take care of the rookie and veteran. The "Wolf Pack Attack" is complete with all five of us prancing around like idiots trying to resemble wolves, across the locker room to gift the uplifting quote. Howling may or may not be involved. It's so silly and so fun!

We will continue to spread positivity in honor of Jordan Chanley and Ebony Ross. This is just a little insight into what goes on inside our iconic locker room on game day. We may be serious when it comes to hitting our yard lines, but we know how to have fun!


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