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They Said It: Players, Coaches Sound Off After Sunday's Game

ARLINGTON, Texas –Here are some various quotes from both sides after the Cowboys' 36-31 win over the Giants.

Head coach Jason Garrett describing the makeup of his team:

"A smart, tough, relentless group of guys who understand how to play winning football and play 60 minutes. Who always have each other's backs, who do the right things, play in, play out to help us win games."

DL coach Rod Marinelli on dreaming of getting six turnovers:

"I don't dream much, I just kind of go day by day. I just really believe it's the grind of the day. Just keep playing , just keep playing."

Def. coordinator Monte Kiffin on DeMarcus Ware's interception:

"Well we had a blitz on and he just made a good play. There's no doubt about it, we came after them the first play of the game and it just turned out really well."

Guard Ron Leary on working with center Travis Frederick in their first NFL game:

"We felt pretty comfortable. The crowd noise wasn't a problem, Travis and I talk really well to each other so all that was good. But, we have some stuff to clean up."

RB DeMarco Murray on taking advantage of the defensive turnovers:

"It definitely gives you energy. It gives you momentum. Defense played well, you know, they've been playing well throughout practice and training camp and they did well tonight. Those kinds of turnovers and those big plays by those guys on that end, you know, you love getting opportunities to score. We can't kick a lot of field goals, we got to turn that into 6 points instead of three points.

Head coach Jason Garrett on Romo taking what the defense gives him:

"When Tony's played his best football throughout his career, he's done that. What we try to do in the passing game is provide him answers, and he needs to find the right answers on each and every play. We have good options for him. The Giants always do a good job trying to take individual players away, whether it's trying to take Witten away, trying to take Dez away. Tony just has to see that and go to the right guy. I thought he did that fairly well throughout the ballgame."

Jerry Jones on Tony Romo playing through rib pain:

"You've got to come to the conclusion that this is one tough player, one tough man and he will go out and play in pain and play hurt. But as we are here right this minute, we gave him a thorough examination and thought that he could sure go back out and play and play well-as he did."

Jones on the six takeaways:

"I'm going to do whatever it takes to beat these Giants. I changed the name of the stadium. And so we will do whatever comes up next to get that done."

Jones on the offensive play-calling structure: "This won't be smooth. We'll have kinks, but I couldn't have asked for a preseason and our training camp and the way we are here tonight to have evolved any better than the way we are set up to basically run the game. I do know during the game they had things that they had to get worked out, and as you know you can get some tempers sometimes when the play gets changed for you by the guy taking the snaps, but he did a real good job calling the game."

Giants coach Tom Coughlin, on the two fumbles by running back David Wilson:

"All we talked about all week long was they were coming to strip the ball. They are a good ball stripping team. We can be better. He can get better at that. He can run with two hands on the ball just like anybody else."

Coughlin, continued, on turnovers:

"They are not going to play unless they hang onto the ball. It's demoralizing to the whole team. (Wilson) is a talented young man. We'll get him right even if he has to run around the field with two hands on the ball…I thought Da'Rel Scott did some good things when he was in there. But popping that ball up, I mean man oh man, there's a sense of urgency about this."

Giants QB Eli Manning, on his three interceptions against the Cowboys:

"Our screens weren't real good to us tonight.  Two interceptions on screen routes.  Just trying to find a lane, trying to get to David Wilson.  He made a play, so that's on me.  Just throw it at their feet or don't throw it, just don't throw it to the other team." 

Giants WR Victor Cruz on the six turnovers: [embedded_ad]

"It is just tough.  It is tough to win a ballgame when you turn the ball over like that, especially so early.  You don't want to have to keep playing catch up every time you get the ball on offense.  You know, we still had an opportunity, we crawled back.  This offense, this team is very resilient.  We crawled back, but unfortunately, we couldn't pull through."

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul on his first game after missing training camp with a back injury:

"I wasn't tired.  My back didn't hurt at all.  You've just got to get in that football shape, you know.  As much as I practice, I've just got to get in that football shape."

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