Three Questions: Moving Martin, Hardy's Suspension, Pollack's Impact

IRVING, Texas – Three questions I've been asked in the last few weeks, as the Cowboys go through their nine days of OTAs.

Would you move Zack Martin to right tackle to get La'el Collins on the field?

As sensible as that sounds, it's actually a move that this front office would not consider for one simple reason: It's a fundamental belief to Jerry Jones that it's vital to keep the front of that pocket clean for Tony Romo.

Martin is exactly what Jones had in mind when he drafted him last season. Jones has grown to understand that Romo can handle pressure off the edge much better than he can right in his face. Martin brings Jones and Romo that security of knowing that there will always be a place for him to slide forward in the pocket.

As good as Collins might be one day, Martin is miles ahead of him. Even if they were both rookies, from what I observed at this point last season, that would be the case. Martin just appeared to be a great fit from the opening snap, where Collins has had his moments where he has been less than perfect.

Martin and Collins, in my view, are far from the same player at this point, but that's not to say that one day Collins might close the gap. But there needs to be some brake tapping in regards to what Collins can and cannot do as compared to Martin or even Ronald Leary.

What is your predicted result of the Greg Hardy suspension?

I have been trying to gather as many facts as I can from people that I trust and the majority of those believe that Harold Henderson will uphold the 10-game suspension. But the overall thinking is to also expect it to be reduced once the court system becomes involved.

I have always believed that the league shot for a high number with this suspension, knowing that it would be reduced. Goodell has to play tough here for those that pay his bills. The league was looking for a number that, once it was reduced, they would be comfortable with. Where there could be a problem for them is if that number is dropped down to two or three games instead of six to eight, which they hoped for.

From just what I am hearing, the league is not going to be happy with the final result.

Will this team miss Bill Callahan coaching the offensive line?

Coaches will always tell you that great coaches are made by great players. It was true that Callahan had some outstanding talent to work with these last two season, but I will give him a ton of credit for taking a young group and bringing them along the way that he did.

As a unit, this line is as hardworking and smart as any group that you will ever come across. I don't see this changing with Frank Pollack as the new coach. Pollack knows what he has in that room. His job is to keep these players on the tracks, but more importantly he will be looked to develop guys like Darrion Weems, Lae'el Collins, Chaz Green and Laurence Gibson -- that will be his challenge. How well those kids play, whether it's this season or next, will tell you all you need to know about whether they miss Callahan or not.

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