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Throwback Thursday: 9 Years Apart, Walker Speeds Past Patriots Twice

In honor of Throwback Thursday, let's focus on one of the more talented players to ever don the Cowboys' uniform and he did it in two different stints.

Obviously, Herschel Walker is referenced more about the trade that sent him from Dallas to Minnesota for a plethora of draft picks that ignited the Cowboys to a 1990's dynasty.

But Walker was certainly a gifted player, combining a rare skill-set of speed and power.

While the Cowboys rarely play the Patriots, Walker was able to show off speed to the Patriots on two different occasions.

In 1987, his second season with the Cowboys, Walker ended a game in Foxboro early in overtime. With the score tied at 17-17, Walker busted an inside handoff up the middle for a 60-yard touchdown, outracing the entire New England defense for the game-winning score.

Walker's touchdown capped off a day with 223 total offensive yards, including 173 on the ground, which was a career-high.

After Walker was traded to the Vikings in 1989, he spent three years in Minnesota, before three in Philadelphia, one with the Giants and then returned to the Cowboys for the final two years of his career.

In 1996, his role was much different as Emmitt Smith was clearly leading the way from the running back position. But Walker was a serviceable backup, third-down back and kickoff returner.

In a home game with the Bill Parcells-led Patriots in 1996, Walker showed off some of that vision and speed with a 70-yard return in the first quarter.

While didn't score on the play – being tackled by then-rookie Adam Vinatieri, who remains in the league playing in his 20th season, Walker's return led to the Cowboys' first points of the game in an eventual 12-6 win. It was one of three games in franchise history the Cowboys have won without a touchdown being scored by either team.

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