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Throwback Thursday: Nearly 50 Years Later, "Ice Bowl" Still Iconic NFL Game

It's been nearly 50 full seasons since the Cowboys and Packers played in one of the more memorable games in not only series history, but NFL history as well.

Commonly referred to as the "Ice Bowl," the Packers narrowly defeated the Cowboys 21-17 at Lambeau Field on a last-second touchdown run by eventual Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr in the final seconds of the NFL Championship Game, which propelled the Packers to Super Bowl II.

More than the late-game dramatics, this matchup will be remembered for the extreme weather conditions that included below-freezing temperatures. With temps ranging from -13 to -15 degrees with a wind chill near -50, the two teams survived the brutal conditions.

While the Cowboys fans that can remember this game probably haven't gotten over it yet, the importance of the Ice Bowl is considered a transcendent game for NFL history, and one that put the league on the map – along with the Packers and Cowboys franchises as well.

Check out the images for the Ice Bowl between the Cowboys and Packers in the 1967 NFL Championship Game.

A look back at the 1967 NFL Championship Game, otherwise known as the "Ice Bowl", between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. Game time temperature was 13 degrees below zero. (Photo credit: AP)

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