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To Elliott, His Leaping Touchdown Celebration Was All About Having Fun

FRISCO, Texas - Ezekiel Elliott wasn't fined for jumping into the Cowboys' giant Salvation Army kettle last Sunday after running in a second quarter touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But according to him, he thinks he's probably on thin ice.

"I think I had one Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Card," Elliott joked this week. "I used it already."

It makes sense that the league would choose not to punish Elliott financially for his viral touchdown celebration considering a fair amount of good came out of the whole scene. After Elliott jumped in the kettle on Sunday Night Football donations to Salvation Army went up 61 percent the charitable organization told USA Today.

"It's great to see the extra exposure," Elliott said of the response. "It's great to see people pitching in to help such a great cause."

While Elliott wasn't fined, the referees did flag Elliott for the celebration, citing unsportsmanlike conduct, which some have expressed as an overreach in the NFL's crackdown on player celebrations. Elliott said this week that he thinks it is "sad" that the league insists on being so strict on such matters.

"We should be able to have a little more fun," Elliott said. "I think it's entertainment to the fans. They're taking a little of the fun out of this pro game."

When asked how Jason Garrett reacted to the celebration Elliott said that the coach who was most affected by the 15-yard penalty enforced on the kickoff is the one who Elliott was in the most trouble with.

"Mostly it came from Rich [Bisaccia], our special teams coordinator," Elliott said with a laugh.

Elliott, who said that the Salvation Army has been in touch with his representatives to thank him for the gesture, knew exactly what to expect in terms of a reaction when he planned the celebration.

"I knew it was going to bring some attention with just us being the Cowboys and it being something that nobody's ever done."

For as hard and physical as Elliott plays on the field, his joking personality can be pretty apparent in the locker room, and that contrast has started to represent the Cowboys.

"I think that's just how this team has become," Elliott said. "Just having fun is what we do. Being loose but tight enough when we need to. I think that's the biggest thing: having fun with the people you love, having fun doing what you love. I think that's the beauty of this game."

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