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Tonight Is Your Last Night

Written by Kelli Finglass

Tonight will be our last day of filming CMT *"Making the Team" *for season 7.  I must admit, that I can't believe I'm actually feeling sad to see our friends from Triage & CMT for the last day.

Since May, Peter, Mitch and Leland have followed us around like a shadow.   We've been mic'd, poked, prodded, OTF'd and asked to wait for "camera repo" for 7 months now.  I've had more men in my blouse and up my skirt than Snookie.  (Taping microphones to my bra!)

We've shared a lot of laughs and experienced many intense moments as  "Making the Team" unfolded around us.  Each night our studio was filled with ladders, lights and cameras as a daily reminder that a DCC rehearsal was SPECIAL, and was slowly captivating a national audience.

Peter and Mitch work as a pair much like me and Judy.  They finish each other's sentences and sometimes duplicate each other's work only to ensure the best possible show for broadcast.  Leland is the quiet behind the scenes guy (much like DCC's own Dan Devens) making sure everything runs smoothly, on time, and efficiently …or heads will roll…

We are so used to having you around at rehearsals that we won't know what to do with our space without you.  I'm so used to having 3 men and a microphone in my office, that it will feel empty when you leave.

Our organization is better since you invaded my office 7 years ago…From Rookie Hair Makeovers to Uniform Fittings to the first night of jump splits, you molded our curriculum into a story that the nation now enjoys.

You've become a part of our team.  You've helped expand the awareness of our program and the great things the girls do.  You've helped a country full of viewers get to share in the dream only a few ever experience.   Over the years I've grown to respect, the planning, writing, and preparation your most capable crew ensures to make a show successful.

Thank you for caring about the image of DCC.  Over the years I've seen you convert from Hollywood producers that are fueled by conflict, to caring partners who care more about the individuals who wear our uniform than a developing storyline.

We used to dread you, now we will miss you

Until next year… I'm sad that "tonight is your last night" and we will miss you!

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