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"Tonight's Going to be Your FIRST Night" DCC: Making the Team Episode 1204 Preview

by Samantha Finglass
First meeting. First time at the Star. First night of training camp. This week's episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team is full of thrilling new adventures. 44 girls will compete all summer to earn one of the coveted 36 spots on the team. 
This season brings familiar faces to a brand new environment. The inaugural Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Training Camp at the Star is full of high kicks with higher stakes. The show gives you a glimpse into the spectacular new locker room and dance studio at the Star where the girls will spend their summer nights. 
Training camp begins with the first meeting where DCC Director Kelli Finglass informs the girls about the process of training camp, rules, and guidelines to follow for the duration of their time with the organization. Whether they meet their last night before the team is announced, or earn the title of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, each training camp and veteran candidate is held to the same standards. Failure to meet expectations outside of the dance floor can lead to a "tonight's going to be your last night" conversation. 
The process continues with endless nights dancing in the studio and on the field. The girls will learn a year's worth of choreography in a few weeks. In addition, they will learn the famous DCC kick line including the jump split. As only the best are invited into camp, girls are expected to not just master the choreography, but deliver a game-day ready performance. There is little room for error and no one is a shoe-in. 
To kick off a summer full of promise, the newly inducted NFL Hall of Fame Owner, President, and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones stops by to share wisdom and inspiration to the young ladies entering the next phase of their DCC journey. 

It will be a summer full of teased hair, famous faces, and surprises. Tune in Thursday at 10/9c on CMT to peek behind the curtain to see Director, Kelli Finglass and Choreographer, Judy Trammell of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders craft the perfect team of 36.

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