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Trading Down Seems More Likely Than Up

Jerry Jones told reporters last month that two teams had made inquiries about their No. 9 overall pick, and said Tuesday they've had more casual discussions with teams possibly looking to trade up.

A trade down would seem more likely if a team wanted to grab a quarterback or wide receiver – a prime skill position – with that ninth pick. Neither is a top need for the Cowboys.

"The bottom line is we do expect some interest and would be surprised if we did not have some interest," Jones said. "The way the evaluations are playing out, the way the quarterback thing is looking uniquely in this draft, all of those things could come into play. It has a real potential to be a pretty attractive situation."

Jones, however, indicated that the Cowboys are less inclined to trade up for a player higher in the top 10.

"I think the odds are not great that we might be interested in a trade up, but I would not say that we wouldn't trade up," he said.

Just a thought: if Jones did have interest in moving up, what good would it do to express interest publicly two days before the draft? That might just drive up teams' asking prices, thinking the Cowboys might be desperate to take a particular player.

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