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Tragedy In Kansas City Hard To Get Over For Heavy-Hearted Carr


ARLINGTON, Texas – The usually vibrant, talkative, outgoing Brandon Carr reservedly and timidly stood by his locker after Sunday's win, and it had nothing to do with his play.

Getting up for the game was difficult for Carr after the deaths of former Chiefs teammate Jovan Belcher and Belcher's girlfriend. Carr played four seasons with the Chiefs, where he got to know Belcher before arriving this year in Dallas.

"It's good to see that they won today," said Carr, who was visibly emotional in the locker room. "A lot of heavy hearts. I just pray for the families of both individuals involved. That's all you can do right now is just pray and try to, I guess, just understand and be slow to point fingers and point blame and stuff like that. Just figure out the whole story and let those two rest in peace and continue to love one another. That's all you can do."

From Riley Cooper's touchdown grab to Carr's one tackle, everything that occurred Sunday seemed trivial compared to what happened off the field a day prior. The tragedy in Kansas City hasn't been easy to get past for Carr, but his teammates in Dallas made coping a little easier. "It's been on my mind since Saturday morning when I got the text message about it," Carr said. "I had to get my mind right today before I left the house so I could come out here and battle with my teammates here. But they did a good job of picking me up since Saturday. It's a good supporting group and it's good to feel like I have brothers here that love me and care for me, so that's good."

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