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Troy Or Tony? Norv Backs His Old QB

PALM BEACH, Fla. --No offense to Tony Romo, but Norv Turner isn't taking anyone over Troy Aikman in an argument over quarterbacks.

A week ago, Aikman was asked by a reporter if he was a better player than Romo is now. His answer to the loaded question: Romo is, and he'll win a title at some point in his career. A bit surprising, even though Aikman has always been a staunch defender of Romo while maintaining objectivity as Fox's lead analyst.

At the AFC coaches' breakfast Tuesday morning, Turner -- Aikman's old offensive coordinator (1991-93) and current Chargers coach -- spoke more to what Aikman did during his Hall of Fame career with the Cowboys than what Romo is or isn't doing now.

"I don't know that I can make an evaluation on Tony. I've seen him. I don't study him," Turner said. "But to me, the whole key to that position, right now the numbers are always inflated. It still comes down to playing great in the fourth quarter, playing great with the game on the line and obviously playing great in the playoffs. It's hard for me to name three or four guys that were better than Troy in that situation. I think Troy was being very nice and diplomatic, but there aren't many guys that I would list better than Troy Aikman.

"It's certainly not anything against Tony Romo or any devaluation of his ability. I think a lot of Tony Romo. He's an outstanding player."

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